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GET TO KNOW ME MEME [1/5] favorite relationships: amy pond and the eleventh doctor 

Hello, old friend. And here we are. You and me, on the last page.
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It’s you. It’s all about you. Everything. It’s about you. Amy Pond. Mad, impossible Amy Pond. 

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"I don’t know what he said to you to make you marry him. He is a lucky man."

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favorite character meme → [1/3] emotions
↳ happy

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fem!doctor au series: the Doctor (Gillan) and her companion (Coleman) continue in their adventures throughout time and space.

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"Amy is frequently unable to make her own decisions and act independently."

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i found you. i found you in words, like you knew i would. that’s why you told me the story. the brand new, ancient blue box. oh, clever. very clever! something old. something new. something borrowed. something blue.

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girlfriends in space (and time)

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The adventures of the Doctor (Karen Gillan) and her companion (Jenna-Louise Coleman) as they travel through time and space.

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amy pond meme | seven scenes [1]

I’m fine. It’s just… There’s a whole world in here, just like you said. It’s all true. I thought, well, I started to think that maybe you were just like a madman with a box.


get to know me meme; [1/5] favorite pairings  » amy & rory

 "I waited. 2,000 years, I waited for you."

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All those things could exist in the same woman. (x)

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I love that her opening shot in Oculus was just her ponytail whipping back and forth as she walked, it’s like the hair knew it was about to be shaved off and was giving one last great performance.

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