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If you know my name then you should know I don’t play by anyone’s rules.

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I’m my own woman — first, , last — and always!

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Jane Foster or Natasha Romanoff?

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Natasha walking through the Avengers tower with her angry face on and Clint thrown over her shoulder fireman style she just storms past everyone and no one speaks Clint just hangs there and sadly waves to everyone as they pass

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Not going with him? No. Not staying here? I blew all my covers, I gotta go figure out a new one. That might take a while. I’m counting on it.
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Who do you want me to be?How about a friend?

Steve & Natasha feelings for miles.


Who do you want me to be?
How about a friend?

Steve & Natasha feelings for miles.

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I only act like I know everything.

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natasha romanoff + full body shots

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How many more jobs… How long will it take… I don’t know if I can do it… Even if I could forgive myself… This is what I am now. And you’ll never know who I was before.

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The truth isn't all things to all people all of the time. And neither am I.
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Captain America/Brooklyn 99 AU → Natasha Romanov as Detective Rosa Diaz

"What kind of woman doesn’t own an axe?"
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Because I’m tired of the “Steve sucks at modern technology” trope.  He was picking up and using HYDRA tech that was powered by the tesseract in WWII. And user interfaces were pretty un-intuitive back then — knobs labeled in German or French, most likely.  And think about the number of dials and thingamabobs on an airplane control panel!  Yes, he’s a man out of time, but it’s probably the social stuff that’s much harder to adjust to.  (You can tell he’s recently-thawed because he still insists on wearing at least a button-down shirt and suspenders when out in public.)

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Shut up and put your arm around me. Laugh at something I said!
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